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Healthier Life = Happier Life!
How is your health journey going?  You choose your path by the foods you eat and the decisions you make.  Is your current path leading you to a long healthy life, or a life full of pain, sickness and financial trauma?

Essential Health And Beyond not only shares information on how to be physically healthy, but goes far beyond. Spiritual, emotional and mental health along with fulfilling relationships and meaningful, satisfying work all contribute to our overall wellness. On this site you will find delicious and healthy recipes, up-to-date information on how essential oils and eating "green" can bless your life in ways you never dreamed of, and just all-around-great information on how to live abundantly--in all areas of your life! 

Essential Health And Beyond encompasses whole-soul health with sound nutrition using products we use and believe in like Purium natural health products, and pure, genuine essential oils from Young Living. Check out our 2 favorite products that we believe will help detox your home and body the moment you start using them!